your edge in The markets!

Whether you trade stocks, crypto, futures, or forex there’s a must-have tool that is called the HolyGrail Algo’s Smart Channels Indicator. 

Why Choose Us?

We have developed a slate of proprietary features for our Smart Channels Indicator, that assists our users in achieving consistency in their trading. Our approach is quantitative, using mathematical computations and number crunching to identify and highlight unique trading opportunities. The Smart Channels Indicator has been in development for over two years and is a result of the combined efforts of several top developers and traders. We care deeply about the efficacy of this offering and are eager to share it with you directly so that you can experience the difference it will make in your approach to the markets.  

Easy Setup! 

We created instructional videos that you can access in order to set up and use the program right away.  

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What's Included?

Back testing is included with the HolyGrail Algo. This valuable information reveals the historically optimal time of day to trade, and it aids with setting up profit targets, stop loss settings, and much more.

Net profit or loss

Net dollar amount gained or lost.

Volatility measures

Maximum upside and downside.


Average gain and average loss, average bars held.

Time in trade

Entry/Exit based on profit target and ability to delay entry and exit.


Dollar value and point value of the symbol you are trading. Calculate min/max profit and loss.

Wins and Losses

Wins-to-loss percentage.
Identify detailed candle data about good and bad trades.

Time of Day
Find the optimal time of day your strategy performs the best or worst.

Candle Data

Open, Close, Low and High of trigger candle and take profit candles.

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