Automated Trading Strategy


We Are Pleased To Offer An Automated Trading Strategy. After Years Of Developement, Our Software Developers And Our Team Of Full Time Traders, Have Spent Thousands Of Hours To Make Trading Easier And Effortless. We Have Now Decided To Release This To The Public.


Includes Up To 2 Hours Of Personal 1-On-1 Training!

In This Training, We’ll Help You:

Set Up And Installation

Provide you with templates to use

Show You Best Practices

Show How To Change Settings

Show You How To Test with Market Replays

answer any questions you may have

Daily Profits / Losses Settings

Limit Order (Also With Offset)

Trailing Stop Loss

Trade Only With The Trend

Custom Sensitivity To Market Conditions

Volume Condition Filter

Breakeven Offset

EMA Condition Filter

Market Order

Totally Customized By User – And Much More


Request a Demo

Please fill out the information below and we will be in touch to setup a personal demo of the HolyGrail Algo Trading Strategy.   We run a live zoom where we offer a live demo and offer a free trial of the strategy on your ninjaTrader.  Join below during RTH

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