Frequently Asked Questions

With an Automated Trading Strategy, it does the mathematical calculations of when to take a trade.  There’s no hesitation, checking charts, or emotions.  It executes  quickly into the trade, faster than done manually.  It can set Take Profit, Stop Loss, and even trail the trade into profit.  This fast automation allows the user to also trade multiple charts at once. 

We are usually able to fulfill new requests within 24 hours. Sometimes due to high demand it does take longer. You will receive an email with instructions how to get started.

It is for this precise reason that we built the HolyGrail Automation. We experienced inconsistent results from other indicators or algos on the market. The other firms, unfortunately, don’t provide back tested performance results. However, all our templates have performance results that you can also easily perform back tests yourself, right inside of your NinjaTrader.

There are numerous reasons why it is beneficial to back test an indicator, algorithm, or Automation before trading it live. Here are a few of the most beneficial reasons:

  • Calculate Win/Loss rates.
  • Know average, lowest and highest draw down for predetermined take profit amounts.
  • Know average, lowest and highest time in trade for predetermined take profit.
  • Know the best times of day to trade.

Have a psychological edge knowing the odds are in your favor.

It is accurate in that you can directly download the historical tick data directly from your data provider into your NinjaTrader app, and then NinjaTrader performs calculations on our Automated Strategy Templates from that data.  We have videos on our Youtube channel that show how to do this –

No. On occasion, breaking news, low volume, and other factors can cause a false signal to appear.  Through thorough back testing we aim to determine a high strategy before a trade is executed in the Automation.

As long as the instrument is available on NinjaTrader, you are able use our Automation to start trading with the right template.  

We accept all major credit cards.

Currently, it works on NinjaTrader. 

Yes, we have made concerted attempts to simplify our program or at least not overcomplicate it. Our Automated Strategy is quite easy to understand and support is included at no extra charge to address any questions.